Kayla Keegan

Web Editorial Intern

Kayla is a web editorial intern at Redbookmag.com and journalism student at New York University. When she's not blogging, Kayla can be found watching super cheesy romantic comedies on her laptop, trying out the latest beauty and cooking hacks, or spending way too much time on Pinterest.

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8 Shamrock Shake Hacks For St. Patrick's Day
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Our Absolute Favorite Slow-Cooker Soups
These recipes will keep you cozy and warm until spring actually gets here.
It may take an extra minute to make the perfect heavy cream-based caramel sauce, but we promise you it's worth it—this combination is a game-changer.
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13 of the Most Incredible Ideas for Chocolate Bark
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This ridiculously easy tip will keep the green veggies looking and tasting fresh for up to two weeks. Translation: No more throwing away (or choking down) wilting shoots.
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Freeze Leftover Wine and 6 Other Must-Know Money Saving Kitchen Tricks
Start getting more bang for your buck, because who can argue with that?
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